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Why Great Copywriting is Important in Web Design

Handy tips from Andrew at Mays Web Design on the importance of delivering engaging written content and why this matters.
This is a guest blog post by With the updates to Google’s search algorithms, the quality of website content has – thankfully – taken centre stage. While visuals are essential to attracting new visitors, when we talk about content we largely refer to the written word. Though business owners need to take ownership of their website text, agencies that can provide initial copywriting services or support to produce great copy are one step ahead of their competitors. Here are our tips...
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10 Things to Look for in Website Templates

Website templates make creating websites a possibility for anyone with an internet connection. Millions of companies and individuals use templates as a simple user-friendly method of creating an attractive and professional-looking online presence, and there are now multiple methods to quickly, produce a dazzling website cheaply and efficiently, whatever your level of experience.
You can even use free websites templates from companies such as Moonfruit. Here are 10 things you should consider when picking your template. Website Templates


Choosing a website template with clear navigation options is key, especially if...
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